Educator Support

At ACE Amandla, excellent teaching is at the core of everything that we do and who we are.  To support excellence in teaching, ACE Amandla provides robust, individualized, job-embedded professional development for all staff members.  Highlights of our educator development program are below.

More Time for Professional Learning - Our modified bell schedule provides three hours of dedicated teacher learning and collaboration time each week. Data Team Membership - All teachers are members of data teams, which analyze and learn from formative assessment data and student work in an intellectually safe, collaborative, teacher-led space. Personalized Instructional Coaching - Our Directors of STEM and Literacy Instruction provide individualized coaching and support that is based upon professional growth goals set collaboratively with each teacher. Career Development Pathways - All of our school level administrators began their careers at ACE Amandla as classroom teachers and as we continue to grow as a school, we will distribute even more leadership to new teacher-leaders among our faculty. All ACE Amandla teachers engage in professional growth and career planning conversations as part of their regular coaching cycles.