About Us

At ACE Amandla Charter High School we focus on:

Professionalism for 21st Century Careers

ACE careers, and success beyond high school, demand many technical and professional skills that are broadly applicable across sectors. Our students embody this professional skill set with their clear communication, ability to collaborate, attention to detail, research and strategic planning, and critical problem solving that will ensure their success in an ever-changing economy.

Social Responsibility

Righting injustices requires a moral compass from empowered people. Our students are those people. They understand the broader impact of their actions and take personal responsibility to actively participate in the change they want to see in their communities.

Learning through Experience and Empathy

The world is diverse and full of new and exciting experiences. Students’ exposure to these experiences inform their decisions and the lens with which they approach the world. Our students have the resilience, discipline, self-awareness, and self-advocacy to continually redefine what is possible for themselves and rise to surpass their own expectations.

Academic Preparedness for Postsecondary Success

Our students are fully prepared for the further learning opportunities they choose to pursue after high school. Whether their skills take them to and through college, into ACE careers, or down a different path for postsecondary success, their academic foundations open doors and broaden their options.